Computer Related Sites

Tom's Hardware Info Site. Very good place for reviews on new hardware and computer "over-clocking".
DivX, otherwize known as MPEG4 Video Codec. (A must have).
The Drivers Head Quarters for the latest updated software drivers.
Windows 95 & 98 Annoyances, and some solutions.
ECG Semiconductor master cross reference.
Linux Online. Getting started with the "new" operating system.

Military Related Sites

Murphy's Laws of Combat
Xenophon Group. Military Hardware sites, such as Moscow's Kubinka War Museum (German equipment).
U-Boat Net, the U-Boat war: 1939-1945
WW-II On The Net. Good collection of Links, and a collector's corner.
Military Vehicle Collectors. With pictures.

Other Sites

Counter Intelligence And Technical Security. Electronic surveillance stuff.
Satelite imaging of the Earth. You can zoom in on any point on Earth (1 km resolution).
Science site index. (Good, if you can read French).
Scientific American. Selected articles from the magazine.
Coin and Stamp Center. Distributers of First Day Covers, coins and art from around the world.
IQ Tests on the world wide web.

And Now Some Links Just For Fun.

Web Roulette. Let Webcrawler randomly choose your next destination.
The Dilbert Zone. The comic strip for worker drones everywhere.